Brand story

French tailor Pierre Walton began to sew children's clothes in 1892. After a while he presented clothes with "Petit Bateau" name which literally means "little boat".As a company, Petit Bateau was founded in 1920. French brand gained popularity for its high-quality materials, special taste of charm, and fashionable design.

Many Petit Bateau items feature a nautical theme. Excluding undershirts, you can often find horizontal stripes, knots, anchors, helmets, boats, and sea ropes. Our manufacturers take pride in offering new developments and ensuring that wearing our clothes brings no embarrassment or discomfort.

Petit Bateau in Azerbaijan
Since 2016, the brand started operating in Azerbaijan. We invite parents and children to enrich their wardrobe from the wide range of stylish clothes in our store located in Port Baku mall and this online store as well.

Enjoy the Liberty, Quality, and Durability with Petit Bateau!

Our Values



We’re always creating, innovating and inventing to make clothes that allow them to move and make their parents' lives easier. Manufacturers offer comfortable, clothing even for the littlest ones. Seams are made smooth and unpretentious. They will not cause discomfort to the child. They can be put on and taken off with one hand. The clothes are roomy, soft and breathable. Most are made of natural cotton. These clothes will be comfortable and easy for your baby to wear.



Since 1893, we have been producing our clothes with 50% cotton and 50% love. At Petit Bateau, we prioritize quality and strive to create comfortable clothing. T At Petit Bateau, we carefully select long fibers. We want you to know that finding such fibers is no easy task, but this choice, though often unnoticed by the customer, truly makes ALL the difference. By using strong thread and tightly woven fabrics, we create clothing that is genuinely tailored for children. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and premium materials ensures a pleasant wearing experience for all.



Petit Bateau has always managed to stay current while being creative and timeless.Our cuts are just right, and our signature style is always up to date but never out of fashion. This approach dates back to Petit Bateau's early days but makes more sense than ever today. We create high-quality clothes with the hope that they will withstand the test of time and be passed on successfully. Our clothes are made for long-lasting play, designed to be enjoyed by child after child.

Coolness in petit bateau

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